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Roof-Inspection-300x234Need A Roof Inspection? We're Happy To Do It.

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Draper & Sons Construction - Roofing in Oklahoma City

Why Choose Draper & Sons Construction?

At Draper & Sons Construction, we value one thing more than any other, a relationship with you. We know that without a relationship, it is extremely difficult to provide every construction need that you may have or desire. It is our goal to not only provide you with an amazing roof system, but also provide you with peace of mind as we continue to do preventative maintenance, which will give you as many years out of your roof as possible. Don’t use a roofer without doing a thorough look in to their background… and most importantly don’t ever agree to pay a roofer upfront for the work they “promise” to do.

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Commercial Problems- Commercial Roofing

You think or know you have storm damage?  Either you experienced the wind or hail yourself, saw something on the news, noticed your office neighbors getting their roof done or have more commercial roofing advertisements that you have ever seen in your life. After a storm, dozens of roofers come to your office door, and maybe even place signs on your property without permission.

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Need A Roof Inspection? We’re Happy To Do It.

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