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Church Roofing



At Draper and Sons Construction, we put great value in working alongside churches. Several members of our team have extensive ministry experience that gives us a unique perspective as we know what you deal with day in and day out. We know the needs churches typically have and we know the hoops that most churches are required to jump through in order to get the ball rolling in individual projects. We offer expertise, patience, excellence and passion for what you do. So our goal is to minimize the time you have to spend with us so you can devote that time to what really matters…..ministry.

Checklist of Common Church Building Roof Inspection and Maintenance Items:
(All inspections and maintenance should be performed by a qualified professional twice yearly.)

Inspection/Maintenance Items:

  • Splitting, ridging or blistering of the roof membrane on a low-slope roof.
  • Missing gravel (ballast) on low-slope roof.
  • Missing granules on asphalt shingles and some roll on.
  • Curled, broken, cracked or missing shingles, shakes or tiles.
  • Excessive moss or algae growth on the roof.
  • Missing or damaged flashings, gutters, downspouts, caulking/sealants and drain baskets.
  • Standing water (ponding) on the roof.
  • Overflowing gutters or backed-up downspouts.
  • Overflowing scuppers or overflow pipe (intentionally located higher on the roof parapet than the roof drains).
  • Staining or damage on the ceiling or walls inside the home.
  • Black staining on wood within the attic of the mortar joints.

Inspection/Maintenance Follow-up:
All findings will be reported to property ownership/management.
Remediation plan will be created and submitted for approval.
Any work done on property must comply with stated specifications within warranty contracts.

Church References:
Grace Point Church
Lake Arlington Baptist Church
Criswell College
Western Hills Baptist Church
Henderson Hills Baptist Church

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