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SPF Energy Efficient Roofing


spray-foam-processDraper and Sons Construction provides SPF services on a national level but in a personal way. We are a quality roofing company that values character and integrity, while providing solutions that improve energy efficiency while providing the highest quality roofing system available. Spray Polyurethane Foam based roofs are durable, waterproof, and energy efficient. D&S can serve you with the repair or installation of a foam based roof for your commercial property. SPF roofing is also a very “green” option which can be installed over existing roof structures, eliminating the removal of old roofs, in turn minimizing landfill usage. It is a lightweight, yet strong option which is ideal for flat roofs.

Benefits of Metal Restoration through D&S:

  • Lifetime WORKMANSHIP warranty.
  • Sustained leak prevention.
  • Dramatically extends the life of your roof.
  • Turns a leak-prone system into a monolithic system.
  • Enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Your investing in a partner, not a product.

SPF Myth-Busters Myth #1: SPF won’t last…

Truth: Case studies have shown that SPF roofs are long-lasting, successful systems that can last up to 50 years when applied and maintained with low cost re-coats.. One of the leading SPF suppliers (ALDO) has performed many studies that support extremely high customer satisfaction and durability related to SPF materials.

Myth #2: Spray foam roofs can’t handle foot traffic.

Truth: You CAN walk on spray foam roofs. The SPFA and the NRCA confirm that SPF roofs, when applied correctly can comfortably hold up to 40 pounds per square inch or higher. In some cases, extremely sharp and weighted object could leave a hole that compromises the roof system. But with our workmanship guarantee we are available 24/7 for repairs.

Myth #3: SPF is not a proven material for roofing.

Truth: The technology has been used for more than 50 years, since early commercial distribution in 1954. Polyurethane-based technology was initially used for refrigeration and industrial insulation projects, and has been refined for use in commercial applications of all kinds. Spray foam application is now specified for roofing and insulation needs internationally and is applied with benchmarked parameters for effective applications. SPF is recognized by the National Building Code, with a primary benefit being its reduction of penetrations to the building envelope.

Myth #4: Spray foam is difficult to apply correctly.

Truth: D&S is certified to install spray foam systems efficiently and seamlessly to guarantee the desired results. Over 400 contractors are certified to install SPF roofs, but very few train and certify their installers like we do.

Myth #5: Insurance companies will not insure SPF roofing systems.

Truth: SPF roofing systems are fully insurable and tested thoroughly at independent laboratories.

Myth #6: SPF can only be applied in perfect weather.

Truth: Foam has been successfully installed internationally, including every geographic region within the United States. The ideal temperature for the installation of an SPF system is between 60 and 120 degrees fahrenheit —ultimately, based on our experience, we will determine which reactivity grade is best suited for any specific combination of substrate. While any good SPF contractor pays very close attention to wind, moisture levels, ambient heat, and humidity; we know exactly how to maximize weather variables to get the job done quickly and seamlessly in any geographic region.

Myth #7: Foam roofs are too expensive.

Truth: SPF is actually one of the most affordable roofing and insulation solutions, especially. Rising oil prices over the last decade have driven up the costs of other flat roof alternatives, while the cost of foam roofing has remained consistent. Considering the savings associated with SPF’s durability, longevity, the extended life provided by elastomeric top-coatings, and its inherent energy cost savings; foam proves to be an extremely cost effective option.

Link to Aldo’s SPF case studies page:http://www.aldoproducts.com/case-studies

Link to SPFA’s FAQ page:http://www.sprayfoam.org/technical/faqs

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