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Metal Roof Coating Oklahoma City

A metal roof coating could be just what your property needs. Say goodbye to rust, roof leaks, and extreme temperatures! Your metal roof will look fully restored and as good as new by the time our roofers are done with it. Find out how affordable roof coatings are by calling our office today.

Commercial Metal Roof Coating in OKCCommercial roof coatings
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Commercial Metal Roof Coatings

Our commercial roofers in Oklahoma City are experts with applying coatings to standing seam, metal tile, and corrugated metal roofs. Add incredible durability and energy efficiency to your building with a cool roof coating.

Did you know that the sheer savings in your energy bill alone can end up covering the cost of your roof coating in a mere 7 years or so? In most cases, you will be adding 10 or 15 years of use to your current roof. And some roofs can even have a second coating applied after that time is up. Talk about a great value!

While there are some roofs that would be smarter to replace, we find that in most cases, a metal roof coating gives you what looks and acts like a new roof with half or less of the cost.

Metal Roof Coating Applied to Commercial Roof in Oklahoma CityWe work to make the process as hassle-free for your business as possible. Without the need for a tear-off, or all the hammering you might expect were you installing a new roof, we hope to exceed your expectations with how simple and effective the coating process is!

Our skilled roofers in OKC will refurbish the metal before applying the coating. That means removing any rust with a special power washer and treating it as necessary to prevent it from rusting in the future. From there, we will seal it and apply the coating.

You can also apply a coating to a brand new metal roof as well to maximize your investment and get the most life from your new roof! Give us a call to find out more.

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We can apply metal roof coatings in Oklahoma City and all surrounding cities.